“The most powerful element in branding is heart.” – Diana Sinelnikova Harper, president/producer

Our ability to get to the heart combined with creative ideas and high-end production value is what has proved to be effective for all of our clients. May the companies be high-end or start-ups, we provide solid winning solutions to win market share, raise capital or increase brand awareness.

The GlobalTouch Group, Inc (GTG)- a hybrid branding, production and content development agency- has been instrumental in raising market share for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as well as the corporate world.

Some of our clients who have benefited tremendously from our ideas and creations:

LENNY KRAVITZ, recording artist


GTG is behind the show that boosted Lenny Kravitz’s market share worldwide by an impressive 20%. GTG’s Will Harper produced and directed Lenny Kravitz’s debut documentary for VH-1’s Behind The Music (BTM). The documentary was one the longest running BTM shows on VH-1.

MICHAEL GODARD, #1 selling artist in America

Michael Godard

We designed and produced a media marketing campaign that included commercials, promotional films for the internet, fine art galleries and a feature length award-winning documentary on Michael Godard’s life. This was an extremely successful campaign that along with David Smith’s efforts (the publisher and creator of Michael Godard) made Michael Godard the #1 selling artist in America.

The film was showcased on Princess Cruise Line and was responsible for the majority of Godard’s successful high volume art sales.

Behind The Artist documentary was presented at the 2005 New York International Film Festival and won the Grand Jury awards in 2 major categories: Best Documentary and Best Director.

CHRISTIAN RIESE LASSEN,   #1 selling marine artist

Christian Riese Lassen film by Will Harper

We produced Christian Riese Lassen’s first and only feature length brandumentary (branding documentary) for the English and Japanese marketplaces. Christian Riese Lassen is the most celebrated marine artist alive and is currently #1 artist in Japan.

The film will play full-time on Disney’s cruise line and major airline carriers.



GTG’s Director Will Harper was commissioned by Universal Studios to create and direct a ‘Sizzle” sales film that was instrumental in the successful transaction between Universal and Seagram- one of the biggest business ventures in Universal Studios conglomerate business history.


pie3We designed and produced a fundraising campaign (a series of short films)  for Pioneers in Education – an alliance of mega corporations DuPont, US Army, Pioneer Hi-Bred and ExxonMobil. The campaign raised millions of dollars in corporate sponsorships for this goodwill effort.



One of our latest branding projects is a launch campaign for H2O Overdrive- a hydration beverage for the world’s top professional and amateur athletes. We are designing and producing the campaign that includes corporate video presentations, commercials featuring H2O Overdrive’s ambassador athletes (Olympian giants aerialist Jeret ‘Speedy’ Peterson, mountain biker Sid Taberlay, paddler Jimmy Terrell, Summer Sanders, pro surfer Flynn Novak, etc)  and a feature length lifestyle documentary on one of H2O Overdrive’s ambassador athletes. The short-term run of this campaign has already increased public awareness and  has been a major support element in procuring investment funding for the company.